3 YouTube Tutorials That Will Set You Apart From the Other 99% of React Developers

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3 YouTube Tutorials That Will Set You Apart From the Other 99% of React Developers
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Let's be honest.

Based on my programming experience, the more you learn, the better you write code, the faster you can provide results, and the more you are paid.

However, the immediate question is how to become an expert. To be more specific, it is a continuous process, but the first objective will always be the same: understand the fundamentals and become acquainted with the concepts.

Yes, if you grasp the fundamentals underlying any programming language, library, or framework, you will like the process and will undoubtedly devote more time to studying it.

And this is where I can assist you in learning the fundamentals in the quickest and most cost-effective manner feasible.

So let’s start.

We’re going to discuss React today; perhaps I’ll publish more guides similar to this in the future. But for the time being, let’s concentrate just on React.

Yes, React is one of the most well-known web development libraries. According to various polls, most novices attempt to learn React after understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And these are the best tutorials I’ve discovered for you.

1. ReactJS Tutorial for Beginners — Codevolution

One of the finest playlists you’ll ever discover online, whether it be on YouTube or elsewhere. And for that reason, if you are a novice or intermediate, I advise you to watch the entire playlist.

Yes, you will be learning a lot of various React concepts through examples in the best way possible.

I can confidently tell that it will assist you in learning the fundamentals and clarify the majority of your React-related topics.

2. React Tutorial for Beginners — Programming With Mosh

Mosh Hamedani is someone I really admire. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he actively mentors seasoned software professionals and creates programming-related YouTube videos.

And to be quite honest, I literally enjoyed watching his YouTube tutorials when I was first learning web development.

He has released a number of videos on different topics. Yes, you can learn about programming languages, data structures, web development, machine learning, and other technologies through his YouTube channel.

Additionally, his teaching style is really astounding. So if you want, you can take this tutorial as well.

3. Code 15 React Projects — freeCodeCamp

I don’t care what you know when I interview you; I mean, really don’t. I constantly hope that you have developed anything from your learning.

For me, the task at hand consists of finishing or producing something exceptional out of everything you have studied. You truly learn mostly when you build something.

And I’ll be honest: It won’t be much simpler for you to create something if you watch a few videos or read the documentation. You need to understand the concepts and fix a lot of errors, some of which might take days to fix.

You learn there, then.

I am aware that creating something remarkable is not at all possible when you just started to learn React. It is there that I wish to share this tutorial. You can create 15 React projects on it to learn the React concepts.

Furthermore, instead of simply attempting to finish this tutorial, grasp the processes and tactics the instructor is using to build the projects.

Hope you like it.

That’s it — thanks.